Professional Photography Software Suite

The Best Software at a Tiny Fraction of the cost. Photo Editing Software Supports all major photo editing formats.

This install contains high quality software compatable with all major formats.

A complete suite of programs to cater for all your digital editing and artistic creativity, as well as 3d modelling

and Icon maker to help you make the fullest use and get the best results from all your digital images.


GIMP is a multi-platform photo manipulation tool. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMP is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo editing, image Manipulation etc in the same way as the likes of photoshop etc.

GIMP is much more advanced than a simple paint program and is capable of professional quality photo editing and printing and , an image format conversion etc.

There are many add-ins and enhancements available online as well as many tips and tutorials - links provided on the CD.


An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Vector graphics are a complement, rather than an alternative, to bitmap graphics (used for example in Photoshop or Gimp). Each has its own purpose and are useful for different kinds of things. Raster graphics tend to be better for photographs and some kinds of artistic drawings, whereas vectors are more suitable for design compositions, logos, images with text, technical illustrations

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features

(markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and

great care is taken in designing a streamlined

interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform

 complex path ope

rations, trace bitmaps and much


HTML Wizard that allows easily converting your designs into Web Pages with cool effects (no HTML/Java knowledge needed)

model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3D

Blender is the best open source 3D content creation suite,

available for all major operating systems under the

GNU General Public License.

A complete professional suite limited only by your imagination to

create animations 3D objects Cartoons.

Extra bonus software is also included in the full menu driven install you will download.

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